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School of Financial Planning

Should We Reconsider What “Retirement” Means?

When Social Security was first implemented, the avg American lived to age 62. Today, a 65-year old’s life expectancy is between 82 and 85. Are you prepared?

Retire? Yes? No? Not Sure?

Will You Really Be Able to Work Longer

You may assume you will. That assumption could be a retirement planning risk. Provided by Meld Financial, Inc. How long do you think you will work? Are you one of those baby boomers (or Gen Xers) who believes he or…

Happy Retirement written in the sand on a beach with waves coming in

Getting (Mentally) Ready to Retire

Practically all retirees have some financial anxiety. Will you? Join us for our next workshop, “Investment Planning: From Growth to Income” on Dec 5th.

Retire written on wooden tiles lying on top of dollar bills - are you really saving enough for retirement?

Are You Really Saving Enough for Retirement?

Why an early start (and accepting some risk) matters. Provided by Meld Financial, Inc.   Are you on track to save $1 million or more for retirement? If you are 50 or younger, you may need that much in savings…

looking out window with "Retirement Are you ready?" printed in clouds

Retiring Before 60

If retiring before 60 is your dream, explore whether these steps could be useful to take.   Provided by Meld Financial, Inc.   How could you retire in your fifties by choice? You will need abundant retirement savings and ways…

Financial Planning - Imagine Your Future - Picture of a human hand with a tree growing -

Financial Planning for a Healthy Lifestyle | The When, What, and Where

By Mark McGarvey, CFP®     A key component of a healthy lifestyle is your financial well-being.  This doesn’t mean that you have to be wealthy to have a healthy financial life, but it does mean that you should have…

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